White Dust Pan Block Set


White Dust Pan Block Set



The Dustpan Block Set is a self-contained object meant to keep smaller workspaces clean. Its walnut handles and base are sealed with a low V.O.C. polyurethane. The finish makes for sturdy, long-lasting tools and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Hand brooms are stuffed with a natural Tampico fiber.

Use this set to tidy up a tabletop, hearth or other workspace. Makes a great gift, especially for a housewarming or wedding. Because I value functional art, I wanted to make a product that can contribute to an enjoyable lifestyle for years to come, whether you buy for yourself or for another. 

Choose from mint, bold blue or simple white to add your own flair to your cleaning tools. But be sure not to throw this one into the cleaning closet- this set is meant to be displayed and enjoyed.

Please inquire about local pick up or delivery.

Made in San Francisco, CA, USA

Orders ship in 7-14 working days. 

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